Of Placards & Hashtags

A placard is not is not just piece of paper nor a mere card. It’s the voice of you and me that comes united as one at both times  of celebration and tribulation.

A voice so strong.

A voice that screams.

A voice that calls for action.

And this time around, it’s a voice that says we will not condone this.

If one voice holds such power, what more the voice of many.

Maya Angelou said that “words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” In our scenario, I dare say that the human voice is  beyond soaked and infused with so deep a meaning forcing us to translate them into words setting down to paper. Placards echoes the substantiated meaning of one true human family that we are. Families are here for each other. Families are beyond blood ties. We have surpassed the era of borders of all forms to oneness.

We now unite at this trivial time because we will not keep silent. We will not condone this. Give us back our children. Give us back our future. Children of today, are the hopes of a brighter tomorrow. You will not steal the world from blooming to greatness. The world will not keep quiet. We stand united with the world, hand-in-hand, yellow, brown, black and white in solidarity with solid hope that the more than 200 girls come home to their families warmth, safe and sound.

We unite in the name of justice for humanity.


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