Noodle Shack & Tummy Shake

I was around at Chitta Mall last weekend, and I got a little hungry. Then I realised that I hadn’t had a meal the entire day but a cup of milo and a large cup of hot latte. Walking around after about an hour at a mini book fair, at which I purchased 2 amazing books at fairly good price, I came across this noodle shop without many people in it. With a peak at the menu and the restaurant, I decided this was where I was going to have my meal, at the Noodle Shack.

Noodle Shack serves pan mee. They have vegetarian pan mee as well. I had a good bowl of pan mee.

The ambience of the place is not that bad as it was pretty cosy. Around 6.30pm, you can expect not too many people which will comfort your introverted self. Good place if you want to just have some food and then check-out your new book and do some writing.


I had a pot of lavendar tea which I do not at all regret. That is good pot of tea for one.

Sad thing is that, over the weekend, not too later after that bowl of noodles, my body, more my stomach to be exact started reacting really badly. It was due to my other bad habit of skipping meals unintentionally. To make it worse, coffee to go along with the empty stomach (more like not go along with). Before I knew, I had to run to the toilet for about 8 times or more. It was really horrible. I could not eat anything. I had this bizarre stomach-ache. My face was steaming hot by Sunday night.

After a 2 days and 1 night rest and family love and care, I cured. My tummy has been all good today. Almost ruined it with postponing my lunch to 4pm, but hey I survived! Cheers to good health! I feel biologically clean now, for some reason. Maybe it’s all the internal cleaning. I’m a happy kid now!


All is well! Check out the Noodle Shack for yourself! Feel free to drop me a note about your experience!


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