Krumba’s Coconut Shake

Try our coconut shake!

Super friendly of a person, this guy is. He is not just promoting what he is selling but he is having some fun smiling, waving and calling people, giving away yummy coconut shake in a small paper cup as a tester.

I had to have a cup myself!

Trust me, after you have tried it, you would want to get a cup for yourself.


Coconut shake by Krumba ☆

“Kurumba” means fresh coconut in Maldives. I am not sure if this was inspired by the Maldivian “Kurumba” in any way.

Krumba 2

Coconut shake by Krumba, close view ☆

“Pure and honest flavours”, they claim to have. The texture of the coconut shake it smooth and there will be plenty of chunks of coconut flesh in the shake. One cup is all you need for a refreshing feel. If you are not too thirsty or hungry, one cup is good to be shared with two or even three, which will give each about three good rejuveating sips.

I cannot wait for my next cup! What is more exciting is that they have a variety of coconut gelato and shakes that I am yet to try.

Give Krumba’s Coconut Shake a go, and tell me what you think! They are open 10am – 10pm, at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara.

Meanwhile, kudos to the sales guy at Krumba who loves his job! His cheerful and inviting calls to try a sip, is sure to put fresh smiles on customers.

Krumba.Co Insta

  You can find Krumba.Co on Instagram ☆

Support local-made ¤ Krumba.Co.


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