Reflections From The Car Park Incident

“Archana, I cannot take out my car out. I need bricks to take out my car. People blocked the way. We cannot come out.” I was loosing the picture that my neuronal fibres were working out. What he was trying to tell me.

As I was driving out of Putrajaya, I had to know if I was needed, if I had to turn-around, what was really going on. I didn’t quite get the picture.

“What do you want me to do now.”

“Can you come here.”

“I’m coming.”

I was at the Putrajaya exit, when I had to turnaround. Gratefully, there were no cars around, and you know how wide the roads are at Putrajaya. I stepped on my brake right at the divider before the exit heading to Puchong, and rerouted my way to where my colleagues were.


Yes, add my heels to feet, and this was the attire for the meeting.

Eleven minutes later, upon reaching at the parking lot opposite Block E, I spotted Dr Teh and Taqinah. I drove past the scene, quickly found a parking spot for my car and rushed over to them.

“Someone parked the car, and we cannot get out. We need to go over the pavement,” Taqinah explained.

By that time, Dr Teh had already walked across to road. He was talking to a couple of guards nearby. We were not too sure what he was talking to them about or asking.

Taqinah went from A-Z very quickly yet precisely, to give me a picture of what had happened, and what have they tried. It was probably 20 minutes now that they have been trying things, and no help ( #justsaying). There were rocks and one wooden piece placed in front of the car, over the pavement. I could picture how they might have tried to place them. We can see how the rocks and wood we had was not enough or good enough to help us with getting the car out. We need to do something else.

Something crossed our minds when we were both brainstorming about ways we can get the car over the pavement without harming the car as much as we can. That was when the thought of motorbike and bicycle stunts came to mind. I remember seeing guys practicing their stunts using plank boards, wooden pallets, drums and barrels. Taqinah quickly responded that we could check out the godown which was about 2 kilometres away. Awesome! This could and should work! We walked over and found so many wooden pallets painted in blue and red. Yes, we were happy. Next step was to ask permission to borrow only one wooden pallet, and so we did. The AEON Big guy was good enough to borrow us the wooden pallet. He was kind enough to say that he did not have anyone else with him to come and help us.

Next- we had to carry the wooden pallet to the car. I guess all we were all thinking about was to get the car out no matter how. So much so, we did not think about the things we cannot do, but can do. Despite the weight, the three of us balanced the front, middle and back, and marched towards the car. Taqinah was turning tomato-red and myself- I was dying. The weight was super heavy. You can imagine, I had my 3-inch heels on with a kebaya. Dr Teh? Well, I think it wasn’t too good on him too.

We managed to take a short rest, before continuing our walk back to the car. It was probably one of my longest walks ever.

It was funny how I started noticing now that people who went past by us, who walked or drove past, seem to give a glimpse and continue their journey. I think it was pretty apparent that here were three people in their office attire carrying a wooden pallet, rocks and trying to get a car out. It was a very obvious seen. Having said that, no two eyes sees the same. Hence, I will leave some space for understanding of different perspectives. Passerby’s most probably did not have any idea what was up.

By now, the guards who were not too far away, were not anywhere to be seen.

We decided to place the wooden pallet aligned to the tires of the car. Oh wait! One pallet is barely enough. So, we had to use the wooden block that we had initially tried to use as well. With the wooden pallet and block, and the rocks, we tried again. Nope- failed. Then with some adjustments, verbal brainstorming and action, we managed to get the car over the pavement and out of the parking lot.

As easy as this sounded, under the now 11am hot and shiny sunbeams, it was very much the contrary. Also, having very different ways of communicating, the discourses made over choices of rocks and the wooden pallet and block placement, what would work and what not, was very interesting. The only thing that kept us going, that I can guess is that no matter how we were communicating, we equally wanted to help with the situation to solve the problem. We had the same focus. With that focus, we found a way to work alongside one another.

This incident mentally wounded me a little, as I was shocked by how people can be so ignorant to their surrounding. “Asalkan bukan says yang merana” mentality.

However, I had my lessons from the incident.

For me, what I learnt was that, …

  1. There are caring people. There are ignorant people.
    1. The caring will keep spreading the kindness and compassion.
    2. We need more kind people around to spread on the seeds of kindness to more people.
  2. Challenges are real.
    1. No simulations can simulate well enough a real challenge.
    2. It would hit you at any, unexpected points.
  3. Having the challenge-mindset.
    1. Most often, we retreat than face the challenge.
    2. We need to face our challenges.
    3. Challenges help us grow.
    4. We need to embrace challenges *
  4. Teamwork
    1. Real teamwork is what you get to experience and experiment when you are in the situation.
    2. No matter how different you may be in personality, attitude and behaviour, with a clear focus, what you may call a vision and affinity towards achieving a common goal, the team will succeed.
    3. A team needs to be able to be open, discuss, experiment and take action together, to progress.
  5. There is always a reason for everything.
    1. I believe, like many others that there is always a bigger reason as to why something happens, something that i beyond your awareness.

Those were my lessons from the incident! It’s always good to learn from anything and everything.

Well, that aside, my shoulders became sore the next morning, and I developed muscle-tightening pain on my right hip. The horrible thing is that it worsened over the days, and I hadn’t noticed the pain till today. My shoulders are much better now, thanks to the Kenhancer sore-reliever plasters. The hip however, is killing me. Being stubborn about not going to the doctors, is not helping. I just downed a Lyrica. Hope that helps by morning.

Ps: If you were wondering if we gave the wooden pallet back to the guy who borrowed it to us- yes, absolutely. We also dropped the rocks that we used by a tree nearby.


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