So, three days ago, it was Day 2 at the Inside Out Camp with a group of energetic boys from SMK Bukit Bintang. Since it was the second night, and the next day we would be done with the camp, some of them refused to retire to bed when it was time to. In fact, a few of them sat with Taqinah and myself on the cold floor at the hall and chatted away for what seemed like about an hour. Sufiyan, was already sleeping. The boys went through pictures on our Instagram accounts and asked us so many questions. Many of those were “Who is this?”, “oh. So, you the biggest? Got two small sister?”, “Is this your boyfriend?”, “Why you not with your boyfriend?” were among many others. Conversations were also around how the pictures in Taqinah’s phone is downloaded from Google images. Yes, she was accused, despite being a photographer.

Wai Kin

That’s Wai Kin, during the Amazing Race.

Children just have their own way of teaching you what’s worth way more than anything else without them saying it in words- authentic relationships. The way they test you to the core with what they do and how they do it, you are challenged mentally way more. I recall Vin saying this at morning, on Day 2- “If physically, it’s okay. This is mentally. I can’t take this anymore,” with a rather confused and tired face. He was clearly having a lot of fun with the children, yet he had to take a breather to recollect himself before he continued his role.


The view from the balcony of the Mountain Lodge.

It’s all worth it. At the end of it, the connection we formed with one another organically is way worth it than anything else. I guess this is what you call home. Home is a space with people that share themselves with one another genuinely, explore, learn and do things together.

On a separate note, thirteen year old Wai Kin asked me why I have not posted anything recently. That is quite a push. Thank you, Wai Kin.


A selfie to remember how I looked after the one day sleep after the Inside Out Camp.

In the next 24 hours, you can walk-through where I have left off sharing my life journey here.




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